Fuel Saving Tips

Whether you have a three-ton extended-cab pickup or a small hybrid, chances are you want to maximize fuel economy. So, keep reading to find the top 8 tips for saving fuel.

Accelerate Gently

When you slam on the gas pedal, your fuel economy takes a hit. Every time. This doesn’t mean you have to inch away from every red light. For conscientious acceleration, simply use moderate pressure to allow the transmission enough time to reach each gear.

Slow Down

Again, there’s no need to stay under the speed limit or involve extreme measures here. To keep fuel consumption steady, just be mindful of your speed. For example, on an empty stretch of highway with a speed limit of 70 mph, don’t hit 85 because you’re unencumbered. The bottom line remains–as speed increases, fuel economy decreases.

Watch the Extras

While extra large tires and shiny wheels look edgy, if you go with anything wider than stock tires you risk adding rolling resistance that diminishes fuel economy. If you can’t resist the upgrade, consider using the fancy tires during everyday commutes and switching to stock tires for long road trips when you are working on saving fuel.

Keep Out Clutter

Since any added weight makes gas mileage suffer, keep a close eye on anything you haul in your vehicle. Maybe you haven’t fully unpacked the trunk after your last move or weeks of dry-cleaning hang from the passenger’s seat. Either way, every few pounds make a difference.

Enjoy Fresh Air

At lower speeds, shutting off the air conditioner can improve gas mileage. This means beautiful weather can more thoughtfully be admired and nature more continuously adored. On the other hand, engaging the A/C actually helps at highway speeds, since wind resistance (from open sunroofs and windows) adds a layer of resistance that decreases fuel efficiency.

Pay Attention to Tire Pressure

Under-inflated tires create more rolling resistance, leading to crummy gas mileage. In fact, improper inflation is the number one reason for lost fuel efficiency. Experts recommend checking tire pressure at least once a month, using the owner’s manual as a guide for optimal pressure levels.

Check the Air Filter

An air filter full of debris restricts airflow to the engine, making performance and fuel economy suffer. Have it checked regularly and replaced, when necessary.


It’s no secret that smaller vehicles save money at the pump. So unless your life requires the use of a large vehicle, choose a smaller variety. Better yet, try a hybrid.

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