How Potholes Can Wreak Havoc on Your Vehicle

Driving over potholes is more than just extremely annoying. In fact, if you hit a pothole too hard or drive over it the wrong way, it can cause some serious damage to your car. Whether you live in the big city or you have to commute through a construction zone every morning, the odds are good that you have to drive over potholes pretty frequently. The loud noise and clunky feeling of driving over a pothole are unmistakable, but what does it mean for the health of your vehicle? Here are a few things you should be aware of so you can drive carefully through pothole-ridden areas to keep the potential for damage to a minimum.

Steering Wheel Problems

If you notice that your steering wheel is starting to shake or vibrate when you drive, it’s probably because it has become off-center. When the steering wheel is misaligned, you might feel like the entire car is trying to pull over to one side. This is likely because your alignment is off-kilter and needs to be corrected. Driving over potholes can cause your wheels to get out of whack, creating that annoying shaky steering wheel. Alignments are recommended as part of your regular vehicle maintenance, but you might notice that you need to have one done more frequently if you drive over areas with a lot of potholes.

Damage to Tires or Rims

Dents in your rims are a telltale sign of pothole-related damage. You may even get a flat tire which can be dangerous and expensive. Driving over potholes at high speeds can wreak havoc on your tires and rims, so be sure to try and approach them as slowly as possible. Tires with low pressure can also become flat after driving over a pothole. Check the tread and air pressure of all four of your tires and be on the lookout for bulges and blisters on the sidewalls. If you ignore tire problems, there’s a high probability you’ll end up with a blowout when you drive over a pothole.

Leaking Fluid

The undercarriage of your vehicle can become seriously damaged if you drive over a serious pothole at a fast speed. When you drive, the car’s undercarriage might end up scraping the surface of the road when it dips down into a deep pothole. The result might be leaking fluid, which can be dangerous to your vehicle’s health and well-being. There could be a variety of leaks incurred as a result of driving over potholes, so check underneath your vehicle frequently and try to spot any leaks before they get out of control. Whether it’s your alignment, tires, or leaks, bring your vehicle to an experienced mechanic like OneWay Automotive where we can determine exactly what the problem is and make repairs.

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